Download TimexApp Add-In for Microsoft Project
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Install Add-In
1. Close Microsoft Project if it is running.
2. Unzip the downloaded or file.
3. Locate and run the install timexapp-msp-addin-x86.msi file.
4. When setup is completed, run Microsoft Project.
5. The add-in will take sometime to load when run for the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TimexApp?

TimexApp is the timesheet app for Microsoft Project. Using TimexApp Add-In you can publish Microsoft Project projects to your project team on TimexApp. With iPhone app, your team members can report actual hours for their assigned tasks. The actual hours can then be downloaded to your Microsoft Project projects.

Where can I get the TimexApp Add-In for Microsoft Project?

Click the GET ADD-IN button to download and install the add-in for your Microsoft Project.

What version of Microsoft Project does TimexApp Add-In support?

TimexApp Add-In supports Microsoft Project 2007, 2010 and 2013.

What devices does TimexApp support?

TimexApp is available for all devices running Apple iOS 7+.

How do I sign up to use TimexApp?

TimexApp is available on iOS devices. Download from the App Store here.

How do I get started?

Using TimexApp is easy:

  1. Download the mobile app here.
  2. Download and install TimexApp Add-In for Microsoft Project here
  3. In Microsoft Project, create project and assign resources to tasks and publish them to your project team.
  4. Report actual hours for your assigned tasks on your mobile app.
  5. In Microsoft Project, download actual hours that were reported by your project team.

What is the cost of TimexApp?

TimexApp Add-In is free of charge. TimexApp mobile app is free of charge for the first three months after that you can renew the subscription thru In-App Purchase.

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